Kamala Harris condemns Kabul terror attack


Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday (local time) condemned the Kabul terror attack in which 13 US service members were killed.

In series of tweets, Kamala said that termed the courageous service members as “heroes”, who died saving countless lives.
“Today in Kabul, a terror attack killed 13 American service members. These courageous service members died while saving countless lives. They are heroes. Doug and I grieve for the Americans we lost, we pray for the Americans injured in the attack, and our hearts go out to their loved ones. We also grieve for the Afghan civilians killed and injured,” tweeted Vice President.

She further said that the mission to evacuate US citizens and Afghan partners will be completed.

“Our country is grateful to our women and men in uniform, and in particular, those working today to get Americans and our Afghan partners out of harm’s way. We will complete that mission. Today, we honor those who gave their lives in service to their nation. We will never forget,” she added.

Afghan health officials gave varying estimates of the toll at the international airport in Kabul, the capital — from at least 30 dead to more than 60, and from 120 wounded to 140 — while a Taliban spokesman cited at least 13 civilians killed and 60 wounded, reported The New York Times.

The first blast was reported at the Abbey Gate in Kabul airport while the second one was near the Baron Hotel.

US President Joe Biden also ordered that the United States flag will be flown at half-mast until the evening of August 30 to honor the victims killed in the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan’s Kabul.

US President said the United States has reason to believe the leaders of the Islamic State-Khorasan terror group are behind the attacks at the Kabul airport.

Biden said the Islamic State-Khorasan has planned complex attacks against US forces and others in Afghanistan after they were released from prisons during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

The US on Thursday evacuated 7,500 people from Afghanistan.