KP George takes oath as Fort Bend County judge

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Democrat KP George has been sworn in as the Fort Bend County Judge, making him one of the most prominent Indian-American to hold an executive position in US government.

A long-term community activist, member of the Fort Bend ISD school board and a local business owner, KP George defeated Republican Judge Robert Hebert in the November polls.

As the Fort Bend County Judge, George will fight for stronger emergency systems, total fiscal responsibility, increased government transparency, and constant community engagement and input.

He will focus on giving a voice to the incredible diversity we have in Fort Bend County and fixing the shortcomings of the current county government.

George is currently self-employed as a Board Certified Financial Planner and owns and manages an independent financial planning practice with other advisors.

George took the lead in establishing the Hightower High School Academies’ Booster Club in 2013, and served as its first president.

He has also served local Indo-American groups at high levels, worked with the Sugar Land Rotary Club and the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce

As a trustee of the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD), KP has helped manage FBISD’s tremendous growth with no tax rate increase, improved academic achievement, and promoted vocational schools.

George was born in Kakkodu, a village in southern India that didn’t have electricity. His childhood was tough as his father, a truck driver, earned only a couple of dollars a day, but managed to educate all seven of his children. George did homework by the light of a kerosene lamp.

After his graduation, George got a job in Mumbai and later moved to the Middle East. He arrived in the US in 1993 to work for a financial firm, and has since earned multiple financial certifications and licenses.

He first ran for office in 2010, hoping to be elected county treasurer. In 2014, he ran for school board to ensure that district’s students have equal access to education.

In the US, county judges’ duties vary from state to state. Depending upon the size of the county, they perform a wide range of judicial and administrative duties.

Fort Bend, which has a sizeable population of Indian-Americans, is one of the fastest-growing counties with 765,000 residents, nearly 3,000 employees, and an annual budget over $370 million.

According to the latest census estimates, Fort Bend is the most diverse county in Texas and among the most diverse in the US, with 35 percent Anglo, 24 percent Hispanic, 21 percent Asian and others; and 20 percent African-American.

According to the government census, Fort Bend County became the wealthiest county in Texas in 2015, with a median household income of $95,389 and a median family income of $105,944.

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