“Let us be clear: our community is not guiltless” Indian-American Impact Fund


Though the current protests for George Floyd’s death are focused on black voice against their systematic white suppression. But Indian Americans and other South- Asian origins have a part to play this.

An Indian-American advocacy group said that many people of Indian- and South Asian-origin have been, at best, silent and at worst, complicit for too long and this must change.

The Indian-American Impact Fund cited that, “Let us be clear: our community is not guiltless.”

“For far too long, far too many Indian-Americans and South Asian-Americans have been, at best, silent and at worst, complicit,” it said in a statement on Friday.

The US-based advocacy group, which helps Indian-Americans join politics and run for elected offices, has observed that the recent killings of Floyd, Taylor, and others have exposed the horrifying reality of anti-blackness in America.

“Many of us are here because of the tireless work of black and civil rights activists to open up immigration to America, and many more of us have benefited from the ‘myth of the model minority’.

“And yet, we have begged off hard conversations about race and racism with our friends and family,” it said.

That can and must change, the group said. “And while we have important work to do, there are reasons to be hopeful,” it said.

Indians are known for their hospitality. The association pointed out that “Our community knows well the spirit of hospitality and generosity. In Rahul Dubey’s words, the ‘Hero’ who opened his house to more than 70 protestors, ‘right now I’m going to take joy that 70 people came into my life that are fierce, and that are dedicated… I hope they get back out there and stay in touch,” the group said.

Asserting that ‘Black Lives Matter’, the group said that the community must support and work alongside black communities in the struggle to dismantle systems that perpetuate discrimination, disenfranchisement, and racial violence – the kind of hate violence they too have experienced.

“We commit to using our platform to spread awareness and educate on issues of racial justice, and continue supporting candidates who share this vision,” the group added.