‘Lot of ways to drive change in this country’: Vivek on his role in possible Trump 2.0


With speculation rife that he is going to be the next Republican vice presidential pick, Indian-American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy declined to say what job he would want if former President Donald Trump marched back to the White House in 2024.

Endorsing Trump, the 38-year-old ended his Republican presidential campaign early this week after a dismal finish in Iowa’s leadoff caucuses, trailing on the distant fourth spot.

(There are) “a lot of ways to drive change in this country, inside and outside government. For the last few years, I’ve been doing it through the market,” he told ‘Fox News’ when asked about a possible second role in a possible second Trump administration.

Making an appearance alongside Trump in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Vivek gave an eight-minute fiery speech amidst chants of “VP VP VP” by supporters.

He urged Republican voters to put an “America First patriot” in the White House, saying: “There is not a better choice left in this race than this man right here,” Vivek said, pointing at Trump.

“And that is why I am asking you to do the right thing as New Hampshire and to vote for Donald Trump as your next president.”

After his remarks, Trump praised the political newcomer, calling him “very special”, and told his supporters that the latter “is going to be working with us, and he will be working with us for a long time”.

Going further, he told ‘Fox News’ that it would be “healthy for the country” if the two other Republican candidates, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, drop out of the 2024 White House race and endorsed former Trump.

DeSantis and Haley, who emerged second and third in the caucus, hope to overtake Trump further down the primaries but the gap between the former President and both his rivals remains too wide.

While Trump has remained tight-lipped about his V-P pick, son Donald Trump Jr suggested on Friday that conservative pundit Tucker Carlson could make a good running mate for his father.

Trump, meanwhile, ruled out Haley as his choice for president as well as vice president.

“She is OK, but she is not presidential timber. And when I say that, that probably means she is not going to be chosen as the vice president,” he said at a rally in Concord.


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