Lutfi Hassan to head Gandhi Mandela Foundation in US


An influential Indian American businessman who has been a key figure in Joe Biden’s presidential victory is little but own to the wider audience in general.

Lutfi Hassan, whose contributions have been invaluable to Biden, has been politically active for over three decades promoting immigrants’ causes in the United States.

Serving on the board of SAB (South Asians for Biden), Hassan played key role in galvanizing Asian Americans across America.

Hassan migrated to the US from Hyderabad in the early 1980s, joined the Gandhi Mandela Foundation (GMF) as a trust member on Thursday, March 11.

Founder chairman of the Apex Group of Companies in the US, Hassan took oath as the chairman of the Foundation for the Americas – the US and the region. He was administered oath by the secretary-general of the GMF Nandan Jha at the Foundation headquarters in New Delhi on Thursday.

According to a press release issued by the GMF, the president of Jama Masjid United Forum Syed Yahya Bukhari was present during Hassan’s oath-taking. Mr. Bukhari presented Gandhi Mandela Medal as a souvenir to Hassan on the occasion.

He is a resident of Houston, Texas for the past 40 years originally hails from Hyderabad and has been associated with Democratic Party for the past 28 years.

On his new role, Hassan said, “My job would be to involve the younger generation in the work being done by GMF and get them engaged with the ideology of Gandhi and Mandela. I see a lot of young people here who are very excited to be part of this fabric. Similarly, I would like to expand the mission in the US and carry it forward”.

The GMF is a Government of India registered trust that promotes individual freedom, civil liberties and human rights across the globe with its headquarters in New Delhi and has its presence in America, Africa, Russia, Great Britain, Switzerland, China, Nepal and Bangladesh.

As a politically savvy visionary Hassan has been instrumental in bringing then-Democratic candidate Sen. Kamala Harris to Houston last year during the Democratic Primaries to meet the South Asian community.

He has tirelessly campaigned behind the scene for the Biden-Harris ticket which eventually yielded historic victory with a female Vice President, a person of color.

Hassan has served on many Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Congressional & Mayoral Campaign Finance Committees represented the South Asian community. Hassan has many times raised the community’s issues & concerns with the government. Over the years he has been a recipient of various community service awards.

For the past 28 years, as an Indian-born American, Hassan has always assisted the Indian community in accomplishing significant milestones.

He had the pleasure of serving on the board of the Memphis Tennessee-based Gandhi Institute for Non Violence founded by Arun Gandhi, the Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1999-2002. Among the landmark, achievements is the installation of the Gandhi Statue at Hermann Park.

Hassan has proved his mettle in the past when he served as a national finance co-chair for former president Barak Obama campaigns in 2008 and then in 2012. Hassan was a part of President Obama’s first official trip to India.