Meet Dolly Chaiwala, the internet sensation from Nagpur who made tea for Bill Gates


Dolly Chaiwala, who took the internet by storm after a video of him serving tea to Bill Gates went viral, opened up about his interaction with him and said that he did not recognise the Microsoft co-founder initially until the viral clip surfaced on social media.

In a candid conversation with ANI on the same, the tea seller from Nagpur said, “I was not aware at all. I thought that he was some guy from a foreign country so I should serve him tea. The next day, when I came back to Nagpur, I realised who I served tea to. (Agle din pata chala maine kisko chai pilaya),” he said.

Adding further, he said, “We did not speak at all. He was standing just beside me and I was busy with my work. After sipping on my tea, he (Bill Gates) said, ‘Wow, Dolly ki Chai.” When asked about the unique outfit the Nagpur tea seller dons, Dolly said, “I haven’t adopted this style, just copied it from the South movies I watch.”

The tea seller also expressed his desire to sell tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, “Today, I feel that I have become ‘Nagpur ka Dolly Chaiwala .’ In the future, I wish to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“I just want to sell tea to everybody with a smile all my life and receive all those smiles back,” said the Chaiwala gleefully. The video that is surfacing on social media opens with Bill Gates in the frame, requesting, “One chai, please”.

The tea seller’s unique method of preparing tea on his cart is a highlight, offering a glimpse into the artistry of making this beloved beverage.

As soon as the video surfaced online, it garnered millions of views. Dolly Chaiwala earlier said that initially it was decided that the video would be filmed in Nagpur, where his tea stall is located, but it was then shifted to Hyderabad.

He was invited to Hyderabad to prepare tea in his signature style but wasn’t told about Bill Gates, said the popular tea seller.

Dolly Chaiwala enjoys a massive fan following on Instagram and other social media platforms, where he stays connected with his followers by sharing his reels and pictures.

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