Miracle patient Anjali Asha release her debut album Chingona

Ritu Jha-

Life doesn’t end when we face tragedy. We can push ourselves to achieve whatever we decide when we put minds to it. At least that is what Anjali Asha aims to get across with her debut album “Chingona”.

Anjali Asha is an Indo-Fijian Mexican-American, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, met with a terrible car accident right before the launch of her album. She thought her life was over. But today, she is intent on reminding us of how to not take things so seriously in life.

In June of 2018, Anjali was preparing to release her debut album when a car accident involving a drunk driver brought everything to a halt. Anjali’s face was literally crushed in, separating her cheekbones from her skull, along with a broken nose and jaw. Surgeons estimated a 2-year minimum of recovery time and warned she may never sing again.

Anjali defied doctors’ orders to rest and she soon became a “miracle” patient. Just two months into her recovery she began to work again.

While waiting for upcoming surgeries, she inspired her team to get on board for a whole new project. Seven months later while still in recovery, Anjali proudly announced her new debut album titled, “CHINGONA”.

“Chingona” carries 10 songs, and gives an immersive, upbeat, and feel-good experience that invites listeners to join her on an introspective journey in finding a renewed mindset and positive outlook.

When indica News asked her to define herself, she says “Smiley, and definitely a little wild… I like to have a good time and make sure everyone around me is doing the same.”

Anjali who is 21 years now, recorded her first song when she was just 9. She told her father she wants to be a singer, which he at first did not take seriously.

Her father, Rajeev Prasad owns a music studio Matchstick Entertainment LLC. in California told indica News that his daughter Asha was 9 years old when she came up to him and said she wants him to record her song for her school project.

Prasad said he told her if it’s for school it’s fine but she is not making this her career. “So, I asked her what you want to be when you grow up and she said “a singer” and I said no way, and she argued the first time with me,” said Prasad and it was funny a nine-year-old arguing to be a singer.”

So, I asked her who she would like to sing, so she went back to her room and brought a piece of paper. When she sang, it felt like an open soul and sounded like she has been in the studio all her life.

“Ever since I told her if this is what you want to be, I can support you but it’s gonna be your own drive not because dad has a studio will favor you.”

When asked who was her motivator at age 9, she said, “Rihanna hands down, I always loved to sing but she made me want to become a performer. The first real song I ever wrote and recorded by Pon de Replay, I’ve always been a big fan.”

At present Asha is working towards international tours, when asked what she aspires to be said, “I want to perform for the world, face to face.”

The first single released off the album is “Echo”, accompanied by a music video depicting a dollhouse’s come-to-life dance party. An exciting and up-tempo track, “Echo” is ready to light up international dance floors with its coy lyricism and seductive feeling. The song is sure to have you on your feet!