Model Chrissy Teigen makes Indian dessert Gulab jamun

indica News Bureau-

Model Chrissy Teigen, seems to have fallen for the Indian dessert Gulab jamun and apparently tried her hand at making them herself after twitterati went berserk over her tweet on Sunday and bombarded her twitter handle with replies for the perfect Gulab jamun recipe.

Teigen, who is married to musician John Legend, took to Twitter and asked her fans to share some tips on Sunday, India Today reported.

“Tomorrow I will be making my first Gulab Jamun, very excited for that. So, yeah. that’s pretty exciting. If you have tips let me know, if you don’t know what it is just Google it I don’t care,” Teigen tweeted on March 15.

Indian-American actor Kal Penn, noted for his role as ‘Kevin’ in How I Met Your Mother, among others, also replied to Teigen’s tweeted, “Oooooh this is tite. Only tip: some (garbage) people put a cashew or almond in the middle of each one, which ruins it, so I’d say don’t do that.”

Kiran Misra, a journalist, gave Teigen a pro-tip. She tweeted, “Make sure the gulab jamun are COMPLETELY cool before putting in sugar syrup otherwise they will disintegrate! And be very careful with oil temp lest the jamuns become too oily or end up raw inside. Be sure to soak at least overnight!”

Manveer Singh, sharing another pro-tip replied to her tweet, “When you roll the dough balls, try to make them as smooth as possible. Any visibly lines WILL turn into cracks when you soak them in the sugar syrup.”

Teigen later thanked Misra for her advice saying, ” damn I’m glad I asked for tips!!! these little guys seem to be trickier than I thought!!”