Moonpreneur to host young innovators at MoonBattle Conference 2024 


Moonpreneur, a Silicon Valley edtech company, will host a unique gathering of young innovators, industry leaders, investors, and educators, at the MoonBattle Conference 2024 on April 21, 2024, at ICC, Milpitas. This conference is set to explore the transformative impact of technology on education.

The conference will help students learn about the importance of developing their innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial skills to get into college and prepare for the future. This event which is taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley, will have students in Canada, the UK, Africa, India, and beyond.

Keynote Speakers at the event include industry experts like Day Veerlapati (President and CEO of S2Tech), Prem Jain (CEO of Pensando Systems),  BV Jagdeesh (Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures), Amruth Pabba ( Founder, FinTech Stealth Startup), Srujana Kaddevarmuth (AI Leader at Walmart), and Surbhi Kaul (Juniper, VP, Product Management & Customer Experience). They will share insights on education and technology.

“The technological revolution has transformed the way we work, with Goldman Sachs predicting that it will eliminate 300 million jobs,  while the World Economic Forum reports that 97 million new ones will be generated. The future of work will be characterized by skills, deskless jobs, remote work, and the gig economy, however, our education system is not keeping pace with these changes and is failing to upskill students,” Moonpreneur said in a statement. “At Moonpreneur, we are dedicated to bridging this gap. MoonBattle Conference 2024 is our initiative to underscore the importance of innovation, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in preparing our children for the future.”

The conference will have four competitions. The Battle Global Pitchfest is for Moonpreneur students, where they can showcase their projects and compete for recognition. At the ELDP Startup Pitchfest the alumni of Moonpreneur’s Entrepreneurs and Leadership Development Program (ELDP), in collaboration with prestigious institutions like IIT Roorkee, IIT Patna, IIM Udaipur, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, and IIM Visakhapatnam in India, will present their startup ideas to industry leaders and investors based in Silicon Valley. “We have trained 2,000+ students through our ELDP, with 25 of them successfully launching their startups and some of them will pitch their innovative ideas at the conference from India.”

The Quick Quest, a fast-paced competition with multiple-choice questions is open to all participants while the Show and Tell Competition is for children where they will showcase their prototypes and working models. There will be over $50,000 in prizes, 10+ sponsors, and 50+ judges at the conference and the event will conclude with a special performance by the IIT Bay Area Music Club.


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