Mother Nature

Ramani Nagarajan-


Minutes of the meeting of true representatives of mother nature

Ocean: Friends, I received a petition from “nature collective”, comprising of Forests, animals, mammals, flies, insects and viruses. The petition lists atrocities committed by human beings on all of us. I agree with petitioners that it’s time we took action.

Forests: My friend Ocean, you are aware of how we are being decimated by humans using the latest cutting machines. They are cutting us down as if we don’t have life or feeling. Immolation is our last resort. That’s what you see as forest fires. Please stop these humans from destroying us and our children. We are unable to protect animals, plants, birds and insects that depend on us.

Animals: O’almighty Ocean, many of our species are extinct. This has nothing to do with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It’s murder by humans. With forest cover gone, many of us animal species are begging in villages and towns. Our food resources are depleted. We don’t even have good water to drink. Help us please.

Birds: O’Ocean, our savior! we have come to you as a last resort. Please save us from extinction. What crime have we committed? Why are we punished, so brutally by humans. Our habitats have been taken over. Our food source is poisoned with chemicals. Our water sources are depleted. With the felling of trees, we are left homeless and “worms” that’s our source of protein for our children have vanished. Please stop these irresponsible humans from destroying us and themselves in the process.

Insects and worms: Ocean! You are our friend in need, we are all distressed. Why are we being killed for doing our job. We the “worms” made the soil fertile by maintaining natural chemical balance so that plants yield better. This not only helped birds feed well but also sustain humans. 

Ocean: Well,well. I have heard enough. Atrocities committed by humans are grave and irreversible. They have polluted the oceans and made several species extinct. I am unable to protect the species that depend on me. But who’ll bell the cat?

Virus: I can put an end to human atrocities.

All in chorus: You teeny weeny Virus? How? Do you know how clever humans are? Didn’t they discover medicines and made vaccines to (almost) eliminate Virus species. 

Virus: Well my friends, please allow me to introduce our tiny “strain”  named “Corona”. They have something to say.

Corona Virus: Dear friends! I can take on the humans, if you gave me permission. I have penetrated the bodies of animals, birds and humans. I live in them. I do nor harm animals and birds. But I do react when humans inject chemicals into animals and birds for commercial reasons. Then I mutate and jump over to humans with lethal strike capacity. I wait for my time to strike.

Ocean: Dear Corona! We do understand and appreciate your ability, skill, tenacity and lethal potency. But can you really take on humans? What if they come up with a vaccine to nullify you? What if you are not effective? Have you done trial runs?

Corona’s tiny daughter: May I say something?

Ocean: How sweet! Please go ahead, what have you to say?

Corona’s tiny daughter: All humans are not bad. I adore that little girl Greta Thunberg. She is fighting her species for us. We should not harm children, women and non-political persons.

Ocean: Did you hear your daughter Corona?

Corona Virus: Yes. I can cause havoc among humans without harming children, women and non-political good humans.

Ocean: After launching an attack, can you keep the humans on their toes till they take note of our needs?

Corona Virus: Yes. I will launch an attack in such a way that humans will accuse each other of using me to dominate the other. This will go on for a long time, I can also assure you that if the humans come up with a vaccine, I will mutate and take more lethal form to beat the s**t out of them. 

Ocean: It is unanimously resolved to launch an attack on humans, to teach them a lesson. The attack will be withdrawn only when the humans surrender and promise to live in harmony with nature i.e. us. Officially this project is handed over to general Corona Virus. We shall monitor the status and review every 14 days.