Neuroscientist and TM advocate Tony Nader on consciousness

Over the last six decades Transcendental Meditation or TM, pioneered by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has transcended geographical, religious and cultural borders to emerge as a defining technique to calm mind and body.
TM has as its adherents some of the world’s most famous and influential names who themselves have practiced it for decades and who are now advocating it with great zeal. Carrying on Mahesh Yogi’s tradition is his successor and a passionate champion of TM, Dr. Tony Nader, a highly qualified Lebanese neuroscientist.
A medical doctor trained at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, Dr Nader is also a much-respected Vedic scholar. Along with the filmmaker David Lynch, himself a seasoned TM practitioner, Dr. Nader is now focused on a $500-million TM world peace initiative that they think will help a world in ferment and bring about a much-needed sense of individual peace. Dr. Nader spoke to Mayank Chhaya Reports from Switzerland.