New York street renamed Ganesh Temple Street after a prominent Hindu temple


A street in Flushing, Queens County, New York has been renamed Ganesh Temple Street after a popular Hindu temple in the street.

Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam, popularly known as the Ganesh Temple, which was one of the first and oldest Hindu Temple in North America, was built in 1977 by the Hindu Temple Society of North America.

This event came as a moment of pride for the Hindu community in the area and for many across the country.

The street was earlier named as Bowne Street, after the leading American pioneer of religious freedom and the anti-slavery movement John Bowne. In a special ceremony Saturday, April 2, the street was co-named the Ganesh Temple Street in honor of the iconic Ganesh temple.

The special ceremony, during which the street sign was unveiled, was attended by Consul General of India in New York Randhir Jaiswal, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Dilip Chauhan and members of the Indian-American community.

Jaiswal, said the co-naming event was not just a celebration but it showed the kind of hard work that has gone into reaching this milestone, years after years, decades after decades.

In December last year, a committee chaired by councilman Peter Koo, under The New York City Council had approved the co-naming of Bowne Street as Ganesh Temple Street, the temple had said in a social media post and had thanked all the devotees, management, board members, elected officials and everyone for their continued support.

The Consulate and Indian-American Newspaper in New York & Dallas The Indian Panorama had organized a special Baisakhi celebration, attended by members of the Sikh community and diaspora.

The rich culture and heritage of Punjab were showcased at the event through special artistic performances and presentations, including by young boys of the Akal Gatka Academy founded by Daler Singh who mesmerized the audience with their skills and agility while performing the Sikh martial art.

The event is also celebrated through a special visual presentation of the valor and achievements of prominent Sikhs around the world through the decades.