Oracle vs AWS: Top Oracle executive says AWS database technology 15 years behind Oracle

 Nishant Arora(IANS)-


The databases that Amazon Web Services (AWS), retail giant Amazon’s Cloud arm, is currently offering are “horrible” and a “complete disaster” when compared with Oracle’s “self-driving” Autonomous Database, the Redwood Shores (California)-based company’s top global executive has claimed.

According to Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Oracle Database, who reports directly to company’s Co-Founder and Chairman Larry Ellison, all AWS data warehouse offerings like Aurora or Amazon Redshift and others are at least 10-15 years behind the database technology that Oracle has.

“We are an undisputed leader when it comes to database products. AWS cannot match our expertise, R&D and talent that we have behind making Oracle databases a top choice across industries. All AWS database offerings are presently horrible, a complete disaster,” Mendelsohn told IANS in an interview here.

Top Oracle and AWS executives have been sparring over Amazon’s abandonment of Oracle databases in its internal operations for some time.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in November that Amazon will take off all its workloads from Oracle databases by the end of this year and put those on its own database offerings.

At the recently concluded AWS “Reinvent 2018” conference in Las Vegas, Jassy showcased one presentation slide on Cloud growth that had a “peeping” Ellison.

“Oracle and SQL databases are expensive and not customer-friendly. These are old guard databases. Our Aurora database has an unmatched pace of innovation. This is the moment for database freedom,” said Jassy, taking a dig at Oracle.

Mendelsohn, however, feels that that is not the case.

“Together I think AWS has nine database offerings but when it comes to Oracle, unprecedented availability, high performance, scalability and security at a much lower cost in one single platform gives us a clear advantage,” Mendelsohn told IANS.

The Oracle Autonomous Database, according to Ellison, now has the capability to automatically scan for security threats and apply security updates while running to help prevent cyber attacks and data theft.

“We don’t charge you a lot of money for moving data back and forth, in and out of our Cloud. Amazon charges you a fortune for moving data out of your Cloud. It’s almost free to move it into your Cloud. They charge you 100 times more to move it out of your Cloud,” Ellison had said during his keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld in October last year.

Cloud major Oracle is all set to launch its first-ever data center in Mumbai later this year.

The data center will help Oracle take on major Cloud players like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure who already have a significant presence in the country.

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