Overseas Friends of BJP-USA members conduct ‘havan’ for PM Modi’s victory in LS elections

Adapa Prasad

Reena Bhardwaj (ANI)–

Some members of the Indian American community conducted Havans across the US on Sunday, praying for the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Volunteers of Overseas Friends of BJP-USA, led by their President, Adapa Prasad, and Vasudev Patel, General Secretary organised Havan/Homam ceremonies nationwide.

The Sudarshana Homam was held at the Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple, Sai Datta Peetham in Edison, New Jersey. During the ceremony, participants recited the Sudarshana Mantra. Hundreds of supporters of PM Modi and the BJP participated in the event for the vivtory of party in the Lok Sabha elections and PM Modi’s successive third term.

Adapa Prasad commended the efforts of OFBJP volunteers, stating that “these sacred rituals evoke spiritual strength and symbolise our collective determination to support BJP’s vision for a prosperous India under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.”

“It is a profound expression of our unwavering commitment to India’s progress and development,” he added.

There was strong enthusiasm and confidence among the members of the Indian community who had gathered at the havan ceremony.

Indian-American Krishna Reddy also exuded confidence that with divine blessings, BJP and Prime Minister Modi would achieve a resounding victory in the elections.

Charan Singh, another member of Indian diaspora highlighted the strong support for BJP aong the NRI community. Kalpana Shukla praised PM Modi’s tireless efforts for the betterment of people in India and globally.

Deep Bhatt highlighted the excitement among youth to support PM Modi, while Santosh Reddy noted that thousands of people were heading to India for the campaign.

Another Indian-American, Vilas Reddy described it as a unified expression of support and aspiration, reflecting the collective hope for a resounding BJP victory under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.

The event also drew participation from the Indian diaspora across New Jersey, with prominent community leaders and volunteers such as Padmasree awardee Sudhir Parekh, Jayesh Patel, K Narula, Rajyalaxmi, Gunjan Mishra, Harry Sethi, Madhukar Reddy, Ganesh R. Govindraj, Srikanth Reddy, Sanil, Gopi, and many others.

In Chicago, Indian American professionals, entrepreneurs, and residents converged at a Hindu temple nestled in the city’s suburbs to partake in a sacred ‘havan’ ceremony.

The ‘Chandi Havan’ ceremony was conducted with utmost reverence and enthusiasm while praying for a resounding BJP victory.

The event witnessed a notable presence of esteemed personalities, including Prakriti Batra, the granddaughter of the late Balram Ji Tandon, former Governor of Chattisgarh. This ‘Chandi Homam’ in Chicago was graced by Amar Upadhyay, Nirmala Reddy, and Rakesh Malhotra, members of Indian diaspora.

NRI supporters of OFBJP gathered at the ‘Sri Venkateswara Lotus Temple’ in Fairfax, Virginia, in the Washington, DC Metro area to perform a Ganapati Homam, praying for the well-being and prosperity of India and seeking Lord Ganesh’s blessings for PM Modi and BJP’s success in the ongoing 2024 general elections.

Around 50 volunteers, well-wishers, and karyakarthas attended the event, with senior priest Sriman Kesavan from Sri Venkateshwara Lotus Temple leading the ceremony.

Similar havans were organized in Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, and Raleigh. PK Naik, Anil Mahajan, Venu Uppala, Shyam Enaganti, and Raju Kurapati and other volunteers were present at these havans respectively.

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