Potential vaccines and drugs to treat coronavirus effectively

Vaccines and drugs for treating coronavirus

Avinash Verma – The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the world really hard, globally it has claimed more than 4000 lives and has got more than 485000 people infected. The countries have come together to fight the diseases and many are asking if there is a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus. 

The scientists and healthcare experts are working tirelessly around the globe to search for a vaccine for the deadly Covid-19. Effective treatment plans for the deadly virus are being worked out around the globe.


Are there any existing drugs or vaccines which can help treat Covid-19.

Singapore-based AI company Gero has identified seven drugs which can help in treatment of the novel coronavirus and it is possible to begin the clinical trials of these drugs.  

The platform has identified molecules which can have a potential effect on the replication of Covid-19. The potential treatment for coronavirus among existing drugs is a marked improvement over the previous efforts to find potential drugs and vaccines for treating the virus.


Potential coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine 

Entos Pharmaceuticals which is a Canadian company for biotechnology is working hard to develop a new DNA vaccine to treat coronavirus. These vaccines will be used to treat the novel coronavirus, will be first tested on animals and then it will move onto human trials. 

DNA-based vaccines have several advantages and they recreate pieces which can trick the immune system to mount a response without the full virus actually being present.


British national given HIV antiretroviral drugs is cured of coronavirus

A British national was given HIV antiretroviral drugs to treat coronavirus has now been found to be negative. So many vaccines and drugs are being tested but at this stage social distancing is the best way to avoid getting the virus. Many countries around the world have gone into lock down to treat the virus.

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