Preliminary injunction on H-1B visa ban denied by US judge Amit Mehta


A plea to temporarily suspend President Trump’s proclamation on the visa bans was denied by a US judge on Wednesday.

The request for a preliminary injunction against the Presidential proclamations that temporarily suspend the issue of new H-1B, L1, and other temporary non-immigrant work permits on the ground that it causes no irreparable harm.

US District Judge Amit Mehta in Washington declined a request for a preliminary injunction on the ban while they wait for a verdict on the lawsuit contesting the ban.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs have led an appeal against this decision seeking expedited consideration of their appeal. The complaint had been led by law rm Wasden Banias, on behalf of the Indian nationals impacted by the ban.

It said, “Proclamation 10052’s H-1B/H-4 visa ban hurts the United States economy, separates families, and defies congress. While the two former points render it unseemly, the latter point renders it unlawful.”

It requested an order declaring the restriction on issuing new H-1B or H-4 visas or admitting new H-1B or H-4 visa holders as unlawful, compelling the Department of State to issue decisions to the plaintiffs and enjoining the Department of Homeland Security from refusing entry to the US-based on the Proclamation.

Over 50 US companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have led briefs supporting lawsuits challenging this visa ban. They said that the visa restrictions would hurt American business rather than save American jobs, leading companies to hire workers outside the US.

However, the last week the hearing of the case was processed and now all those who are eager to reverse the rules are eagerly awaiting the court’s decision.