President Biden unveils new 5G plan offering services to private sector


US President Joe Biden has unveiled a new 5G spectrum plan called the “National Spectrum Strategy” offering certain identified frequencies to be used by the private companies to expand their operations from voice calls to mobile apps. Releasing the “National Spectrum Strategy” on Monday, the White House called for “detailed studies” of a number of identified frequencies that the federal government believes could be used by private companies to expand operations related to everything from voice calls to mobile apps, media reports said.

The studies could extend to two years at the most, according to sources in the White House. Telecom providers like Verizon or AT&T could then add frequencies and possibly speed up access to wireless internet.

The White House’s plan is a “comprehensive strategy to modernize spectrum policy and make the most efficient use possible of this vital national resource to enhance the quality of life for all Americans”, the White House document was quoted by the Washington Examiner as saying.

The strategy hopes to provide “more transparent, more coordinated” efforts to use airwaves and frequencies more efficiently, National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard was quoted as saying by the Examiner to an agency.

The strategy was developed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in partnership with the Federal Communications Commission. The plan will affect up to 2,700 megahertz.

Private telecom providers have been seeking greater access to additional airwaves for several years, saying that the state-owned ones were not being used efficiently and that the government needs to share such frequencies with private operators so as to ensure their effective use.

The Wireless Association argued in an October 26 blog post that the US needs a “bold new national spectrum strategy” to help avert a “looming 5G spectrum shortfall”.

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