Purdue University celebrates its 150th anniversary with astronaut Jerry Ross



The Purdue University on Friday, Jan. 18,  celebrated its 150th Anniversary in Mumbai with Astronaut and its alumnus Jerry Ross in an International Ideas Festival inspired by the accomplishments and contributions of its alumni.

Its theme – Giant Leaps – reminded everyone of the university’s alumnus Neil Armstrong and his historic statement on the moon.

The celebration also served as the centerpiece of a yearlong event focusing on the most critical problems and opportunities facing our world and how Purdue and its alumni are addressing them.

Colonel Jerry Ross, the first human to be launched into space seven times, spoke on ‘My journey as a NASA astronaut: What if we found evidence of previous life on Mars?”

Ross said: “There are many challenges to be overcome before we send humans to Mars. Current technologies would require astronauts to travel for 6-9 months to reach Mars and another 6-9 months to return, after having spent an additional year there awaiting proper planetary alignment.”

Dr. Suresh Garimella, Purdue Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships and US National Science Board member under the Trump administration was the master of ceremonies for the half-day-long series of interactive sessions.

Home to approximately 2,000 Indian students and 120 faculties of Indian origin, Purdue is at the epicenter of world-changing research and instruction.

Through its ever-expanding alumni network with more than 32,000 alumni living internationally, including 2,555 in India, and its increasing collaborations with corporate and institutional partners, Purdue University and its impact on the world stage continues to grow.

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