Ricky Kej’s new ‘LiFE’ song draws inspiration from PM Modi’s Mission ‘LiFE’


Globally renowned musician Ricky Kej, who is also a strong advocate of environmental consciousness and sustainability, released his new animated song video ‘LiFE’ during a concert in the Capital.

It is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mission LiFE campaign, which motivates people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Mission LiFE was launched by PM Modi at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 to encourage individuals to become “Pro-Planet people”.

Talking about his recent composition, he told ANI, “It’s a joy always to collaborate with UNICEF. This particular song is inspired by the Prime Minister’s LiFE mission. Mission LiFE is something that’s really important for all of us simply because we always talk about changing the world, but we very rarely talk about changing ourselves. It’s simply because, you know, we always feel that we are insignificant. If I stop using plastics, then what difference will it make? That’s what we feel? Or if I use public transportation, what difference will it make. So, I believe that all of us are significant. And if you bring about these small, incremental, tiny changes within our own lives, that’s all that matters, and we have to be the change that we want to see in this world.”

He further talked about taking music to the global platform and how Indian music was getting recognition internationally and creating an impact.

“It was always used to be considered that Western forms of music was mainstream music, and all of our forms of music, like Indian forms of music, or African forms of music, but particularly Indian forms of music were exotic music, that was not in the mainstream. But now that narrative is changing. Now, that paradigm is changing, where even Indian forms of music are going into the mainstream. For my music, which is primarily Indian, I’ve won three Grammys now, which is America’s biggest award. So that itself shows that Indian music is reaching a point where it is going into the mainstream, rather than just being called some exotic music or some ethnic music and it has become really important,” Kej added.

The 70-piece orchestra of the New York Youth Symphony, together with national and international performers including Shankar Mahadevan, Salim-Sulaiman, American Grammy Award Winner Lonnie Park, Indo-Canadian star Abby V, and others, are featured in Ricky Kej’s composition ‘LiFE’.

It also packs an animated video that highlights children as agents of change in individual climate action.

“When we talk about bringing about change, which I want to do through my music, there is no two ways but you have to start with the children. There is no other way to do this you have to start with the children, you have to start with the new generation. And I believe that’s what we’re trying to do through the song because the song itself when you watch the video, it features three animated characters and all three are children, and how they are bringing the change that they want to see in the world, how they are being the agents of change and inspiring everyone around them to bring about change,” he added.

UNICEF and Ricky Kej unveiled the ‘LiFE’ song, which coincided with the COP28 — the international climate summit being held in Dubai.

The summit kicked off on November 30 and will conclude on December 12.


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