Salman Khan’s first-ever art display ‘Motherhood’ dedicated to Mother Theresa


Did you know that Salman Khan can do more than just rip of his shirts and walk around the movie screen throwing bad guys from one corner to the other?  The King Khan can also rip open canvases and express himself creatively through painting.

Khan, who is a big fan of Mother Theresa, has painted several works based on her. Now he is ready to open his repertoire of painted collection to the public in a first-ever solo art show titled ‘Motherhood – An Artistic Ode to Mother Teresa.’

Salman Khan has earlier said that his Being Human is an inspiration from Mother Theresa, as he admires the humanitarian work she has done.

The show is with Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation and AGP World, in association with Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation, gallery g and Artiere Gallery.

He will be showcasing three paintings, including two large-size works created by himself, which will be on display at Bengaluru’s gallery g from March 11 to 20.

Salman’s artworks will first go live online on Google Arts & Culture on March 4. Two of his paintings, titled ‘Still In Hope of Compassion’ and ‘Begging for Peace’ will be on display on the GAC digital platform.

Salman describes his new works that will be on display:

Still In Hope of Compassion: “There are wars. There is loss. There are pandemics to deal with. But there is also HOPE. And Mother Teresa tells us no matter what the odds, HOPE will always win.”

Begging for Peace: “Peace is not just an absence of conflict. Peace is the humility of two folded hands. The acknowledgment of our humanity. And the purpose of our life.”