Shiva Kintali, Founder & CEO of TrueCerts, Discusses the Silicon Valley Tech Fair

Ritu Jha-


With an objective to connect and help build brands of local businesses in technology, Silicon Valley Tech Fair (SVTF) will be hosting its 4th annual expo on July 27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

The man behind the tech fair, Dr. Shiva Kintali, who is also the founder & CEO of TrueCerts, an enterprise-grade Blockchain powered Data Integrity Platform told indica, “SVTF is an expo, but we call it a ‘fair’, and it’s a little different from other conferences in the Silicon Valley.”

Kintali, who before starting TrueCerts, and moving to the Silicon Valley, was teaching in the Computer Science department of Princeton University for four years. He said there was an opportunity here and in 2016 he hosted the first expo, though on a smaller scale had only 15 exhibitors. Last year, they had 2000 registered people, so seeing the growing demand he decided to host it at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where this year, they already have registered 2500 people and over 50 exhibitors.

“We want to make it a branded event so that every year this can become more successful,” said Kintali.

“It is open to all tech companies and service providers,” said Kintali. “The problem with other tech-focused fairs [AI or Blockchain for example] is that if there are 40 exhibitors you will see all [of them] are promoting and competing with each other.”

“But here at SVTF we add unique value and would feature all kinds of exhibitors. And we know you get good leads through conferences,” he said.

SVTF is an excellent venue to promote your company’s brand and vision and meet potential customers, partners, investors, potential employees, graduate students, as well as network with the other participating companies.

People can also apply for jobs and talk to potential hires, customers, partners, and investors at the convention.

The expo is open to all tech companies and service providers (including AI, Blockchain, IoT, Hardware, Robotics, AR/VR, EdTech (including universities and online learning companies), Healthcare, Cloud Computing, Big Data, FinTech, MarTech, HR / Accounting / Payroll / Banking / Legal / Tax / Real Estate / Venture Capital services.

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