Sikh man admits shooting daughter-in-law in ‘honor killing’

Ritu Jha-


Indian origin man of Bakersfield, California was arrested Monday for allegedly shooting his daughter-in-law to death, told officers he shot her three times and that it was an “honor killing”, according to court documents.

Jagjit Singh was arraigned Wednesday. His next date in court is October 2. His bond has been set at $1 million.

Sumandeep Kaur Kooner, 37, was found shot dead inside her home on Monache Meadows Drive in the southwest part of this town. Less than 12 hours later, police announced the arrest of Singh, 65, Kooner’s father-in-law.

The court documents said officials found Kooner dead on the living-room couch with three gunshot wounds to her neck and face. When Singh opened the door for fire personnel he reportedly told them, “I shoot.”

The man later told police Kooner was having an affair and planning to leave the family. He also said she had “threatened to sully his honor by calling the police and claiming he attempted to sexually assault her”.

Reacting to the murder, Fresno-based community leader, anger management specialist and domestic violence counselor Dr. Rama Kant Dawar said the loss of life was unnecessary and there are ways to manage anger.

Dr. Dawar said there are community and government counseling services available for individuals as well as families to prevent domestic violence and manage anger.

Individuals need to take counseling sessions from professionals without reservation, he said. Such sessions can prevent killings, deaths, abuse and honor killings. No one has the right to take a life, Dr.Dawar said.

He also said counselors, psychologists, and social workers don’t cause problems in families but try to prevent them and save potential victims.

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