Silicon Valley Diwali Festival and Concert will be open to all; to feature food, arts, and culture of India


The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce (SVCCC) will be hosting a diverse multicultural community-focused Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ on Sunday, October 29, at the India Community Center (ICC) in Milpitas, California.

The free open-to-the-public festival and concert will showcase the food, clothing, arts, and culture of India, along with cultural performances by community members, young and old, as well as local dance and music schools. The festival will also feature a concert by internationally known artist Ishmeet Narula and a Bollywood and bhangra dance party with live ‘dhol’.

“I am proud to have our SV Central Chamber host this event. We hope to host more such community programs and the Valley’s diverse small businesses,” said Harbir K. Bhatia, SV Central Chamber CEO and President.

“The SVCCC Diwali celebration represents not only Indians and South Asians but also the diversity that makes up our community and the inclusion that drives innovation, business, and the rich culture of Silicon Valley,” said Bhatia. “It makes me happy to see Diwali and other multicultural traditions being celebrated with the rest of the community now, which were only celebrated at home when we were growing up.”

The festival will also offer an opportunity to 40 small and home-based businesses to showcase different types of traditional Indian clothing, jewelry and accessories, handmade decorations by artisans, gift items, and delicacies from various regions of India.

“Diwali is more than just lighting lamps. It’s about the special moments and ties that bring our community closer, shining a light on the importance of being together”, said Ravinder Lal, Chamber board member and past board chairman. “The SVCCC Diwali Festival is such an event.”

SVCCC will highlight the Diwali festival’s educational and cultural aspects before Silicon Valley denizens at the event. “Our Chamber of Commerce is committed to mirroring the rich tapestry of our community. We are creating pathways that welcome entrepreneurs from all walks of life,” said Elnaz Masoom, Chamber Board Chair.

Diwali is primarily celebrated by a majority of the Indian population to celebrate “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. Diwali is one of the festivals that is widely celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and South Asian and Southeast Asian diaspora who also make up a large percentage of Silicon Valley residents.


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