Life is short, science is long

Prasun J Mishra- It was mid-September 2019 when the American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) leadership made a unanimous decision to honor Dr. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir with 2019 AAPM Leadership Award in Molecular Imaging. The award was to be presented to Dr. Gambhir at the Excellence in Precision Oncology (ExPO2019) meeting hosted by AAPM on September 26th 2019, at […]

AAPM to organize virtual COVID-19 Global Summit

indica News Bureau- The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for precision medicine solutions, both within and outside the cancer space. To meet the need of the world, the physicians associated with American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) announced its COVID-19 Global Summit (CGS2020) to be held on Saturday, April,18. AAPM is a nonprofit organization […]