Indian American student accused of arson at San Jose State University, released from jail

Indian American student Amogh Upadhya, who was accused of arson at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San Jose State University has been released from jail. However, the university police are adamant he did it and acted alone. Upadhya was charged with four counts of arson by the Santa Clara Superior Court on April 12 for allegedly setting fires in the college restrooms. He was arrested on April 10 and was held on $400,000 bail.

Indian American doctor Dharmesh Patel, accused of attempted murder, has to wait for mental health verdict

Indian American doctor Dharmesh Patel, who drove his Tesla off a California cliff in an alleged attempt to kill his family seated in it and who is seeking mental health diversion, will have to wait. On November 8, Mental Health Diversion Judge Susan Jakubowski set a new date for the hearing on defendant Patel’s eligibility and suitability for mental health diversion. The new date will be decided on December 13.