Asylum-seekers hope for release

Attorneys say the Indians fled religious persecution under the BJP and endured harsh conditions once in the US, but could be out of prison as early as next week   Ritu Jha   “Here we have come to save our lives but I think we will die here in jail,” were the words of an […]

Asylum seekers endure parasites, disease

Packed facilities, long confinement linked to health and mental problems in multiple locations, including the one housing Indian asylum-seekers   Ritu Jha   Overcrowded prisons, including the Sheridan federal prison in Oregon that houses at least 52 Indian asylum-seekers, is host to a variety of diseases, according to the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). […]

“They are still Indian”

Indian officials to go again after being denied access to Oregon asylum-seekers   Ritu Jha   Indian asylum seekers held in a federal facility in Oregon may have justifiable grievances about persecution but their country’s officials are still making efforts to help them, however, futile those might be. The officials from the consulate in San […]