Chandu Siramdas aims for Fremont council position

The real estate pro aims to address citizens’ concerns about crime, traffic problems, housing and schools while maintaining the growing city’s unique identity   Ritu Jha   Chandrakala ‘Chandu’ Siramdas, a city council candidate from the newly established District 1 in Fremont, California, says her priorities are public safety, traffic congestion, transportation and affordable housing. According […]

Anu Natarajan is back in the fray

The former vice mayor of Fremont, California, and urban planner wants to improve the Bay Area’s transport system   Ritu Jha   Anu Natarajan, a former vice mayor of Fremont, California, who took a break of more than five years from city politics, is now running for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), board of […]