“Bollywood is in our blood”

 Ritu Jha- Fifty-one-year-old Bikram Jeet Singh came to the United States like many Indian Americans looking for an opportunity but soon felt was missing what he loved most– Bollywood movies, music, and artists. It was hard to get original Bollywood movies in the US. You had to wait for cassettes and later DVDs to watch […]

Our showman in Hollywood

Raj Kapoor has been quietly growing in stature, these days being the best known for his production work on the Oscars Ritu Jha   Raj Kapoor may share a name with the legendary figure of Hindi cinema, but the Hollywood-based creative director and producer would laugh off any comparisons. Kapoor has a long history in Hollywood, […]

Sridevi born for the camera

Those who have seen her on screen and in person described her as a consummate professional on screen, easygoing and friendly in person   Ritu Jha     Actor Sridevi Yanger Kapoor who died Feb. 24 at age 54, in Dubai, has been described by fans and experts as extraordinarily versatile and very friendly in […]