From Silicon Valley to India’s remotest tribal areas, AIM for Seva’s work has impacted thousands

Ritu Jha- From one chatralaya (hostel) to 105 today, it took two decades of dedication, contribution and a vision to uplift the underprivileged tribal children in India, says Silicon Valley-based Vijay Kapoor. “This is what our non-profit AIM for Seva has been trying to achieve since 2001.” Kapoor has been leading the mission in the […]

TiEcon Southwest 2022 draws angel investors, startup founders & venture capitalists

TiEcon Southwest 2022, TiE SoCal’s annual entrepreneurial conference held at Sheraton, Cerritos, CA, on November 13 brought a large number of industry experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and startup founders together to network and learn from thought leaders on various topics. The event hosted over 300 participants, over 30 exhibitors, and 15 speakers across a range of interesting topics.

Exclusive: Indian American California lawmaker Ash Kalra on housing, the Twitter saga and the UC workers’ strike

Indian American Assemblymember Ash Kalra, who comfortably retained his California state legislature seat in the recent mid-term elections, spoke to indica on his 14-year public service journey, the challenges he faced, and his advocating for the ongoing University of California workers’ strike, Twitter’s legal battles, the homeless situation in California and urging the community to give back.