Indian President Droupadi Murmu unveils ‘Made in India’ gene therapy for cancer

In a ray of hope for millions suffering from cancer, Indian President Droupadi Murmu on Thursday unveiled the country’s first indigenously-made and affordable gene therapy for the deadly disease. Launching the gene therapy treatment called “CAR-T cell therapy” at IIT-Bombay, President Murmu said that it will be successful in giving new lives to countless patients.

Gender inequality, discrimination impede women’s cancer care: Lancet Commission

At least 63 percent of cancer deaths among women in India could have been prevented by reducing risk factors, the latest Lancet Commission report has stated. The report on gender and cancer treatment based on 2020 data has said that at least 6.9 million cancer deaths among women in India were preventable, 4.03 million were treatable, and 37 percent of the deaths could have been prevented with appropriate and timely treatment.

Diabetes, cancer linked via hidden mechanism, Danish study says

Researchers discovered that cancer patients had sweet-smelling urine back in the 1920s. The doctors were first perplexed, but they quickly understood that it was caused by high blood sugar (diabetes) levels. “This was one of the first things we learned about cancer patients,” says Associate Professor Lykke Sylow. The sweet-smelling urine suggested that cancer affects the body’s blood sugar level. But how?