Ideas Worth Defending

Vinita Gupta- Vinita Gupta is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and was the first Indian-American woman to take her company public. Since retiring, she has propelled herself through her journalism, mentoring women entrepreneurs and playing competitive bridge at the highest levels. She has won several National titles in bridge. Progress is about better decisions — need […]

Modi reaches out to US lawmakers on Ukraine, democracy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to allay concerns in the US Congress about India’s position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine by reiterating his public and direct message to Russian President Vladimir Putin: that “this is not an era of war” but of dialogue and diplomacy. The standing ovation that followed showed members of the Congress had wanted to hear that assurance from the Prime Minister as many among them, including stanch and steady friends of the bilateral relationship had expressed concern with India’s refusal to condemn Russia and said the time had come for India to choose which side it wanted to be on.