Good Mooooorning AmerIndia

Partha Chakraborty-   Trump’s upcoming India visit must be viewed through a broad geopolitical Kaleidoscope. With both parties invested in a goal of containing China, and its surrogates in the region, a show of bonhomie is of utmost importance in itself. With two leaders who seem to intrinsically get each other, US-India relation is on […]

Trump’s visit to India to focus on Indo-US engagements

indica News Bureau- Finalizing the dates and venues for US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, a senior Trump administration official, while briefing journalists in Delhi said that the focus of the visit will be on Indo-US engagements and on decisions made during the 2+2 meeting between Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of […]

Modi sued in US court over alleged Kashmir human rights violations

Two Kashmiri citizens have sued Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a U.>S federal court Thursday days before his appearance in Houston, Texas, alongside President Donald Trump, alleging his administration violated international law  and human rights with the unilateral annexation Aug. 5 of their predominantly Muslim homeland, according to a report by the Houston Chronicle. […]

Trump nominates Indian-American to federal judgeship

Arul Louis-   US President Donald Trump has nominated Shireen Mathews, an Indian-American lawyer, to be a federal judge. She is a partner with the elite law firm Jones Day, where she specializes in white-collar crimes. Before that, she was an assistant federal prosecutor in California serving as the coordinator for criminal healthcare fraud cases. […]

South Asian Network celebrates Trump’s retreat on Census Citizenship question but sees need for community’s active role in count

indica news Bureau-   The South Asian Network (SAN) has issued a statement declaring “a victory for our country and our democracy” after President Trump said he was backing away from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census forms and that he would instruct the Commerce Department to collect citizenship information from other sources. […]