Trump formally launches 2020 re-election campaign

IANS- US President Donald Trump has formally launched his 2020 re-election campaign at a rally in Orlando, Florida, and called on his supporters to deliver a metaphorical “earthquake” at the ballots against his Democratic Party rivals. “The only thing these corrupt politicians will understand is an earthquake at the ballot box… and they’re going to […]

Trump admin tearing down hard-won civil rights: Clinton

IANS-   Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said President Donald Trump’s administration was tearing down hard-won civil rights”. “We’ve seen a surge in hate crime across America — shootings and arson at synagogues, mosques and churches, Americans targeted because of their race, religion or sexual orientation,” Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said […]

Mexico wall: Trump defends his emergency move

IANS-   US President Donald Trump has defended his move to impose a national emergency in the country, saying that “we have an invasion of drugs, gangs, people, and it’s unacceptable”. He also confirmed that he will use emergency powers to build a wall on the US border with Mexico, saying “walls work”, the BBC […]

H-1B visa overhaul favors the ‘most-skilled’

indica Washington Bureau –   In a move that will filter out more bachelor’s degree holders from the H-1B program, the Trump administration has proposed a change in the visa application process that will award visa only to the most meritorious and highest paid foreign workers. Under the new merit-based system, the US Citizenship and […]

Trump warns illegal immigrants, vouches for merit-based US entry

indica Washington Bureau   Taking a tough line on illegal immigration, US President Donald Trump has reiterated there will be serious consequences for entering the country illegally. Stressing that the current immigration laws have become a “laughing stock” globally, he said people with merit like technology professionals from countries such as India must only enter […]