Nikki Haley beats disdain for Trump to a pulp at the altar of political expediency

Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley took her rancid disdain for former President Donald Trump to the altar of political expediency and beat it to a pulp.

That pulp will now be fashioned into a vote for a man she once called “totally unhinged.” Barely three months ago she was assiduously positioning herself as the only true challenger to Trump’s unhinged ways, that included his weird obsession Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

First seven jurors selected in Trump’s New York criminal trial

A swift pace of jury selection marked the second day of former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York, with seven jurors seated, bringing anticipation for the trial’s progression, Al Jazeera reported. Amidst discussions on jury selection, which had initially hinted at potential weeks-long deliberations, Tuesday saw significant progress, with over a third of the needed jurors already chosen.

As trial of first US ex-President to face criminal charges opens, Trump under cloud ahead of election

The historic trial of Donald Trump started on Monday, making him the first former President in US history to face a criminal case, throwing several questions over the November elections. In a trial watched with interest around the world, Trump faces the possibility of criminal conviction and a prison term on charges of falsifying business records of his company to hide hush money payments to a porn actor to silence her allegations that they had sex.

Trump loses $1bn in net worth as stock value of his media firm plunges

Former President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term, dropped $1 billion in net worth on Monday after his media venture, Trump Media & Technology Group lost its stock value. The decline came after the company disclosed dismal financial figures, showcasing losses of over $58 million and minimal revenue generation in 2023. Trump’s majority ownership in the company makes him directly impacted by its performance, leading to a substantial drop in his wealth.

Vice President Kamala Harris: Donald Trump is a “threat” to democracy and fundamental freedoms

Vice President Kamala Harris has called former President Donald Trump a “threat” to democracy and fundamental freedoms and vowed to restore Roe v Wade, protect voting rights and address gun violence issues. In a post on X, Harris, who is of Indian heritage, stated, “Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy and fundamental freedoms. President @JoeBiden and I will restore Roe, protect voting rights, and finally address our gun violence epidemic. The contrast could not be clearer.”

Donald Trump “wants another January 6,” says Biden campaign after former President’s ‘bloodbath’ statement

President Joe Biden’s campaign spokesperson, James Singer, said in a statement that former President Donald Trump “wants another January 6” after Trump on Saturday said that there would be a ‘bloodbath’ in the country if he lost the upcoming polls. Condemning his statement, Singer emphasized on Sunday that the US people would not make him win the presidential elections.

Biden warns Trump’s term would mean return to “chaos, division and darkness”

President Joe Biden has warned that a second Donald Trump term would mean a return to “chaos, division and darkness,” CNN reported. He highlighted the progress his administration has made in its first term in office. In a statement, Biden wrote, “Four years ago, I ran because of the existential threat Donald Trump posed to the America we all believe in.” He spoke about the US’ progress under his administration on jobs, inflation, prescription drug prices, and gun control.

Biden, Trump projected to win in ‘Super Tuesday’, rematch virtually guaranteed; Haley won’t quit race

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will win “Super Tuesday” primaries in their respective party’s contests for the 2024 presidential election. Biden, challenged by American author Marianne Williamson and Congressman Dean Phillips, won the Alabama, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont Democratic primaries and the party’s caucus in Iowa, according to national media projections. Trump, meanwhile, is projected to pick up victories in the Republican primary contests in Alabama, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia, beating former South Carolina Governor and former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Indian American Nikki Haley defeats Donald Trump in Washington DC for first primary victory

Former South Carolina Governor and Indian American Nikki Haley defeated former President Donald Trump in Washington DC in the Republican primary according to The Hill projections on Sunday night. Haley garnered 1,274 votes to former President Trump’s 676 with all precincts reporting, according to the US-based news daily, ahead of Super Tuesday when 16 states are holding primaries.

Illinois judge removes Donald Trump from state ballot due to “insurrectionist ban”

An Illinois judge has removed former US President Donald Trump from the state’s ballot on the basis of the 14th Amendment’s so-called “insurrectionist ban,” CNN reported. The decision has been halted, giving Trump a short time to appeal. The judge’s decision on Wednesday (local time) comes as a similar anti-Trump challenge from Colorado is pending before the US Supreme Court, which is widely expected to not agree to the arguments that Trump is barred from office.

Trump urges Supreme Court to block ruling he lacks immunity in January 6 criminal case

Former President Donald Trump has urged the Supreme Court to suspend the lower court ruling that he does not have presidential immunity from prosecution, a CNN report said on Monday. According to the report, Trump called on the apex court to temporarily block a scathing and unanimous decision from the DC Circuit Court handed down last week, flatly rejecting his claims of immunity from election subversion charges brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

Donald Trump “unfit to be President”, says his former NSA John Bolton in new foreword

John Bolton, the U.S. National Security Adviser (NSA) under Donald Trump, has said his former boss is “unfit to be President” and warned, “If his first four years were bad, a second four will be worse,” according to excerpts quoted by several media outlets. In a new 18-page foreword to his memoir ‘The Room Where It Happened’, which is out in paperback now, Bolton paints a dire picture of what Trump’s return to the White House for a second term could do to America.