“Strongest bilateral partnership ever,” says Secretary Blinken as 2+2 dialog begins

As the fifth India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialog begins in New Delhi, the United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has described the partnership between the two countries as the “strongest ever.” “It is always wonderful to be here in India. We are building a remarkable year of engagement…We have not only the strongest bilateral partnership we’ve ever had, but also a regional one, and indeed, a global one that was further evidenced by India’s leadership for the G20 this year,” Blinken said.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar raises concern over “steady increase in Chinese naval presence” in Indian Ocean

India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar raised concern over the “steady increase in Chinese naval presence” in the Indian Ocean and called “to prepare for a far greater presence of Beijing than seen ever before.” Speaking at a discussion organized the think tank Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Jaishankar said, “Last 20 -25 years, there has been a steady increase in the Chinese naval presence and activity in the Indian Ocean, but there has been a very sharp increase in the size of Chinese navy. When you have a very much bigger navy, that navy is going to be visible in terms of its deployment somewhere.”

Biden calls India, US partnership “most consequential”, says our nations look to one another

Calling partnership between India and US “most consequential,” US President Joe Biden on Thursday (local time) said that, together both nations are unlocking a shared future with unlimited potential. Addressing a joint press conference today, the US President also underlined how trade has doubled between the two countries over the past decade to more than $191 billion.