“I had a Dream” Martin Luther King Jr.- In Memoria 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. was only 19 when Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was assassinated in 1948. He would later visit India in 1959 and be forever transformed to bend the arc of history with the ensuing Civil Rights movement in the United States. Inspired by Gandhi’s satyagraha- ‘truth force’ doctrine, he preached non-violent resistance that eventually changed laws aimed at ending racial discrimination and restoring human rights. In 1964 at the age of 34, Martin Luther King became the youngest man to ever be conferred the Nobel Peace Prize.


Tourism and Hospitality sectors in San Francisco face extreme on-going challenges. For the last decade or so, the steady decline in tourism has had a cascading ripple effect across multiple allied industries resulting in systemic and significant revenue losses and problems that continue to drag down the trends across the board. Political window-dressing and a misplaced sense of romantic nostalgia of “I left my heart in San Francisco (Tony Bennett 1961)”, are proving detrimental to visitor confidence- with both those contemplating a visit to San Francisco as well as those who paid a visit and faced its shocking reality.

COP 27: Future Forward

The Climate Summit held earlier this year in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt posed more questions than answers to the calls for a viable approach towards reducing global warming, among others. Even as rhetoric ruled the roost, time-tried and tired echo chambers resonated with similar panels, same evocations, misplaced media moments, and righteous indignation from the elite to the exploited.

Pinnipeds Prevail Pandemic: San Francisco Celebrates Sea Lion Day!

 George Jacob- George Jacob FRCGS is the President & CEO of Bay Ecotarium- the largest non-profit watershed conservation group in San Francisco Bay Area with seven branches, including Aquarium of the Bay, Sea Lion Center, Bay Academy, Studio Aqua, Bay Model, Eco-Xpeditions and the Bay Institute, celebrating its 40th year in environmental advocacy.   A year ago, […]