India to become 3rd largest economy by 2027, two years before previous forecast: SBI Research

India is likely to get the 3rd largest economy tag in 2027 (2027-28) if it maintains the current rate of growth, and in the process, will surpass both Japan and Germany, said SBI Research in its ‘Ecowrap’ report. Earlier, SBI Research had expected India to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2029. India is currently ranked third, a movement of seven places upwards of what it was in 2014.

Justice Markandey Katju: Did Pakistan’s loss to England call for an Indian celebration? No!

Justice Markandey Katju says: Many Indians celebrated Pakistan’s defeat by England in the T20 World Cup cricket final on November 13, 2022, as if India had won the Cup. These fools did not understand that India and Pakistan (and Bangladesh) are, in fact, one country, only temporarily divided by the British (the way they divided Ireland, Cyprus, Palestine, etc) by that historical swindle called Partition in 1947, on the basis of the bogus two-nation theory.

Saad Hafiz’ pipe dream

In his article ‘Peace with India is in Pakistan’s national interest’ published in the portal Saad Hafiz writes ”  It is time for Pakistan to recognize reality and give up its futile and sapping rivalry with India. The ball is squarely in Pakistan’s court to dial down tensions. It must take practical steps toward peace with India because the current no-peace-no-war stalemate only hurts Pakistan ”.

Justice Markandey Katju: Indian reunification is an idea whose time has come

Justice Markandey Katju says: We are one nation, we share the same culture, look like each other, speak the same language Hindustani (in large areas), and are bound to reunite under a secular government led by modern-minded leaders determined to rapidly industrialize the country and make it prosperous, abolishing poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, lack of proper healthcare and good education, casteism, communalism and other social evils.

Indo-Pak Reunification

By Justice Markandey Katju- (Justice Markandey Katju is a former Judge, Supreme Court of India, and former Chairman, Press Council of India. The views expressed are his own.) I have read Junaid Jahangir’s article ‘Pakistanis need to think more critically about ‘United India’ in the leading Pakistani portal and wish to respond. I have consistently been […]