In calling Modi, the “butcher of Gujarat” Pakistan’s foreign minister shuts door on any bilateral talks

Mayank Chhaya- By calling India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi “the butcher of Gujarat”, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has effectively shut the door on any meaningful revival of bilateral talks for the foreseeable future. He has also deliberately steered bilateral diplomacy into choppy seas. While at it, he also took an unambiguous shot at […]

Justice Katju: ‘Hindi is already the link language of India’

Justice Katju: A controversy has arisen in India over the decision of the Madhya Pradesh government of teaching in Hindi in medical colleges in the state. In this article, I will not go into the correctness or otherwise of this decision, but will instead discuss the general issue relating to Hindi, particularly in the light of the strong opposition to it in the state of Tamil Nadu.

From Silicon Valley to India’s remotest tribal areas, AIM for Seva’s work has impacted thousands

Ritu Jha- From one chatralaya (hostel) to 105 today, it took two decades of dedication, contribution and a vision to uplift the underprivileged tribal children in India, says Silicon Valley-based Vijay Kapoor. “This is what our non-profit AIM for Seva has been trying to achieve since 2001.” Kapoor has been leading the mission in the […]

Colors, lights, and delicacies amplify Diwali celebrations at BAPS Swaminarayan temples

With October being celebrated as Hindu Heritage Month, community leaders, as well as policymakers, including US President Joe Biden, lighting lamps and immersing themselves in the festival of lights, Diwali celebrations at BAPS Swaminarayan temples across North America glittered with varied hues, lights, and delicious food that heightened the joy of traditional festivities.