Justice Markandey Katju: India is going backwards, not forward

Justice Markandey Katju writes: Saffron is a sacred religious color among Hindus, and on January 22, 2024, a large part of India was saffronized. From a legal and Constitutional secular country, India has been transformed into a de facto Hindu nation, with minorities living as second rate citizens, with constant fear of atrocities and oppression (Hindus are 80% of India’s population).

Pran Prathishta of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya “gives Hindus a reason to celebrate”: NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Hindus not just in India but also from South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities living in New York City “have a reason to celebrate and lift their spirituality,” Mayor Eric Adams said over the weekend. Mayor Adams attended a Mata Ki Chowki, a religious celebration, at the Geeta Mandir in the city. Adams — joined his top ally and Deputy Commissioner of International Affairs Dilip Chauhan — thanked and highlighted the “importance of true faith and the importance of worship.”

Nearly half of Indian Americans are Hindus, Pew Research Center study shows

Indian Americans are far more likely than the other large Asian origin groups to be Hindu (48%), though a fair number of Indian Americans are Christian (15%), Muslim (8%) or Sikh (8%). Besides, a growing percentage of Asian Americans are not affiliated with any religion, and the share who identify as Christian has declined, according to a new Pew Research Center survey exploring religion among Asian American adults.

Who should Muslims turn to?

By Justice Markandey Katju- (Justice Markandey Katju is a former Judge, Supreme Court of India, and former Chairman, Press Council of India. The views expressed are his own) I had written articles critical of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. https://indicanews.com/2023/06/06/justice-markandey-katju-on-rahul-gandhis-visit-to-the-united-states/ https://writerscafeteria.com/guest-blogging/priyanka-gandhis-narmada-puja/ A Muslim friend settled in America messaged me: I do not disagree with your analysis. […]

Justice Markandey Katju: Did Pakistan’s loss to England call for an Indian celebration? No!

Justice Markandey Katju says: Many Indians celebrated Pakistan’s defeat by England in the T20 World Cup cricket final on November 13, 2022, as if India had won the Cup. These fools did not understand that India and Pakistan (and Bangladesh) are, in fact, one country, only temporarily divided by the British (the way they divided Ireland, Cyprus, Palestine, etc) by that historical swindle called Partition in 1947, on the basis of the bogus two-nation theory.

California’s caste-discrimination bill SB 403 passes Judiciary Committee with an 8-0 vote

Protests, petitions, and meetings with lawmakers did not stop the California Senate Judiciary Committee to vote ‘Yes’ to SB 403: Discrimination on the Basis of Caste, which passed the committee with a resounding 8-0 vote on April 25. SB 403 or State Bill 403 is a piece of legislation introduced to make the state free of caste-based discrimination. If signed into law, California will become the first state in America to make caste bias illegal by adding it as a protected category in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Is India a nation?

Speaking at Cambridge University in 1880, a high official of the British Raj named Sir John Strachey said  “This is the first and foremost thing to learn about India, that there is not, and never was an India, or even any country of India possessing, according to European ideas, any sort of unity – physical, political, social and religious–no Indian nation, no ‘people of India’, of which we hear so much.” 

Ashok Bhan column: On the all-important Uniform Civil Code debate

Senior Advocate Ashok Bhan says: The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) calls for the formulation of one law for India, which would be applicable to all religious communities in matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption. The code comes under Article 44 of the Constitution, which lays down that the State shall endeavor to secure a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens throughout the territory of India.

Seattle makes history, first in U.S. to pass bill banning caste-based discrimination

Seattle made history on Tuesday, February 21, as the first city in the U.S. to outlaw caste discrimination after its local council passed a resolution to — added caste to the list of statuses protected under Seattle’s existing anti-discrimination policies. The ordinance was introduced by District 3 Councilmember Kshama Sawant — Seattle’s only elected socialist and the only Indian American on the council.

Emperor Ashoka’s 12th Major Rock Edict

”Thus, saith his Sacred and Gracious Majesty the King: The beloved of the Gods (Devanaam Priya) King Piyadassi, honors all religions. Religions other than one’s own should also be honored, and the essentials of all religions should be promoted. If one acts thus, he promotes his own religion and benefits other religions too.If one acts otherwise, he hurts his own religion and hurts other religions too. One should not extol and glorify his own religion while disparaging the religion of others, for by doing so he diminishes the value of his own religion. Whoever disparages the religion of others while extolling and glorifying his own, harms his own religion grievously. Therefore, concord is commendable.”