Center for Immigration Studies report: 15% of US population is now foreign-born

The total foreign-born population in the US, legal and illegal, was 49.5 million in October 2023 — a record 4.5 million increase since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, a study by Washington-based think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found. At 15 per cent, the immigrant or foreign-born share of the US population is also the highest ever recorded in American history, CIS said, citing an October 2023 survey by the Census Bureau.

Wait time for first-time tourist visa interviews reduced, says US envoy Eric Garcetti

United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, on Wednesday, said that the wait time for first-time tourist visa interviews has been reduced by more than 50 per cent, adding that goal for 2023 is to process at least one million visas. Speaking at IIT Delhi, Garcetti highlighted the progress made in visa processing, stating that the US Mission in India is currently processing visas faster than ever before.

Indian American jailed for smuggling Indian nationals into US using Uber

A 49-year-old Indian American man was sentenced to more than three years in prison for illegally bringing hundreds of Indian nationals across the border from Canada and then to locations in the midwest and beyond, using ride-hailing major Uber. Rajinder Pal Singh, aka Jaspal Gill of Elk Grove in California, was sentenced on Tuesday at the District Court in Seattle for Conspiracy to Transport and Harbor Certain Aliens for Profit and Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering.

New bill by Rep Linda Sanchez fuels citizenship hopes for undocumented immigrants in US

In a bid to fix the US immigration system, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and other Democrats introduced a Citizenship Act to deliver a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants living and working in the country. The US Citizenship Act 2023 will make way for Dreamers, recipients of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), agricultural workers, including their spouses and children, immediately eligible for green cards.

H-1B ban will hurt startups and businesses: Experts

RITU JHA President Trump’s executive order to ban temporary work permit visas such as the H-1B will hurt tech companies already suffering due to pandemic, venture capitalists and immigration experts believe. According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, since 1990 each year they release (issuance of visa) 65,000 H-1B visa to foreign national to […]

Immigration Issue – In Need of Leadership

Vinita Gupta-   Perhaps the learnings of the European Union and the Marshall Plan can help. Immigration issues are real for liberals and conservatives alike.Over the years, the influx of immigrants to the coastal regions of America has spurred their economies.It is the cross-fertilization of American integrity and ingenuity, with ethnically and socioeconomically diverse immigrants […]

‘Frivolous filings’ cited for visa denial plan: USCIS

USCIS officials to get discretionary powers to reject incomplete applications, without requests for information   Ritu Jha   Frivolous filings are why the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has to take a strong decision about the recent policy memorandum (PM) that gives USCIS adjudicators discretionary power to deny an application, petition, or request without […]