Startups key to post-COVID future: US-India Strategic Partnership Forum

iNDICA NEWS BUREAU The post-COVID ‘new normal’ presents very significant and unique opportunities for all startups. Just 12 Indian-born startups have created 634 high-paying jobs in the United States. Entrepreneurial immigration in the US-India corridor is creating some true win-win opportunities for both countrie.s These were some of the key takeaways as the US-India Strategic […]

In time like these you need diplomats: Condoleezza Rice, on Indo-Pak conflict

Ritu Jha-   Investors are concerned about the effects of how the Indo-Pakistan conflict can affect their investments in those countries. The point came up repeatedly at the first US-India Strategic Partnership Forum’s annual West Coast Summit, held March 4, particularly when John Chambers, Chairman US-ISPF and founder and CEO, JC2 Ventures, asked Condoleezza Rice, […]

Investors welcome fix to angel tax rules in India

Ritu Jha-   John Chambers, chairman of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, welcomed the quickness with which the Indian government addressed the issue of angel investors being taxed in that country. “This government has been the most responsive, of any government in the world,” Chambers told indica in the sidelines of the first 2019 west […]