The Ibadatkhana function

Justice Markandey Katju- A historical meeting was held, Tuesday, 15th October, in Mirchi Cafe, Fremont Blvd, Fremont, California, attended by several NRIs, Pakistanis and myself. The occasion for the meeting was this : 27th October is Diwali, 10th November is Eid un Nabi or Eid al Milad ( birthday of the Prophet Mohammed ), 12th […]

A Facebook chat with a Pakistani

Justice Markandey Katju-   A Pakistani lady Ayesha Tariq, who is an assistant professor of English Literature in a college in Lahore, sent me a Facebook message which started a Facebook chat reproduced below: AT: Sir, this is the comment I read by some Indian named Vijay Sinha on YouTube under a video clip of […]

The Fetish of Media Freedom

Justice Markandey Katju- So-called ‘liberals’, opposition politicians, and many eminent persons and media persons accuse the Modi government of crushing media freedom (by various ways e.g. getting ‘inconvenient’ journalists dismissed by putting pressure on the media owners, stopping government advertisements, etc). Soon after the house and offices of Prannoy Roy, the owner of the TV […]

Conversation with some Germans

Justice Markandey Katju-   Recently at a dinner party in Delhi, I spoke with some Germans present there. In my usual outspoken way, I said that you Germans are blamed for murdering 6 million Jews in gas chambers, which was of course terrible. But does anyone talk of what the British did to Indians during […]