Kashmir’s Hindu Shaivism influenced Sufi Islam

Kashmir is the only place in South Central Asia, where Muslim Sufis are honorifically referred to as “Rishis” or its Kashmiri derivation “Reshi”.

“Rishi” is a Sanskrit word used for ancient Hindu sages, but in an overwhelmingly Muslim Kashmir Valley, Kashmir’s Sufis are lovingly called “Rishis” & “Pirs” and Kashmir was known as “Reshveer”/”Pirveer” (abode of Rishis & Peers).

Connect with India at the grassroots level

AGK Karunakaran- AGK Karunakaran is the Cofounder and CEO of MulticoreWare (www.multicorewareinc.com) and Managing Partner of India Impact Investment partnership (www.3ipartners.net). He is the past President of TiE Silicon Valley (www.tiesv.org). The year 2023 was special as I was fortunate to travel the lengths and breadths of India for personal and professional reasons. Majestic views of the […]

Justice Markandey Katju: Cracking jokes in India can be dangerous

Justice Markandey Katju writes: In India, cracking jokes publicly or on social media can be dangerous, as most Indians have little or no sense of humor, and most have a short fuse. I first realized this when I said in a lighter vein on Facebook many years ago that since Pakistanis want Kashmir, we should offer it to them on the condition that they take Bihar along with it, too.

Justice Markandey Katju: Thoughts on the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Kashmir

Justice Markandey Katju writes: In his concurring judgment in the case relating to abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul of the Indian Supreme Court, recommended setting up a ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ in Kashmir to investigate and report violations of human rights in the state from the 1980s, to heal the wounds. Perhaps Justice Kaul got his idea of setting up such a Commission from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up in South Africa in 1995 after the apartheid regime was dismantled.

Rahul Gandhi in US: ‘India is like an ocean facing a storm, but the storm is going to pass’

At his first public appearance after landing in the United States, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told an invite-only audience at the University of Santa Cruz’s Silicon Valley campus in Santa Clara, California that India is like an ocean facing a storm, and that this too shall pass. He was responding to specific question on what is often viewed as social engineering in the country, led by the governing BJP’s Hindutva principles. 

Choking funding to terrorism is a need of the hour

Terrorist attacks are highly responsive to funding availability, and financial counter-terrorism can therefore be effective in reducing terrorism casualties, according to research conducted by Nicola Limodio, Assistant Professor of Finance at Bocconi University Visiting Fellow at the Economics Department and the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance at Princeton University.

In calling Modi, the “butcher of Gujarat” Pakistan’s foreign minister shuts door on any bilateral talks

Mayank Chhaya- By calling India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi “the butcher of Gujarat”, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has effectively shut the door on any meaningful revival of bilateral talks for the foreseeable future. He has also deliberately steered bilateral diplomacy into choppy seas. While at it, he also took an unambiguous shot at […]

Justice Katju: ‘Hindi is already the link language of India’

Justice Katju: A controversy has arisen in India over the decision of the Madhya Pradesh government of teaching in Hindi in medical colleges in the state. In this article, I will not go into the correctness or otherwise of this decision, but will instead discuss the general issue relating to Hindi, particularly in the light of the strong opposition to it in the state of Tamil Nadu.

India’s Congress Party Still likes the Old Guard

Mayank Chhaya- On July 14, 1942, barely a week before India’s main opposition party, the Indian National Congress’s new president Mallikarjun Kharge was born, its main decision-making body authorized Mohandas Gandhi to embark on a nationwide mass movement. That movement was famously and succinctly christened ‘Bharat Chhodo Andolan’ or ‘Quit India Movement’ to dislodge the […]

PM Modi has both intent and commitment to set right Kashmir turbulence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to set right the Kashmir turbulence, through a reach-out process with genuine development and the benefits of pro-people schemes reaching the remotest areas is a laudable manifestation of the current Government of India module for Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory says a senior advocate, Chairman, Kashmir Policy and Strategy Group and, Distinguished Fellow USI, Ashok Bhan.