‘I am sorry’: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to parents in Senate hearing on child sexual exploitation

In a dramatic Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on January 31, the CEOs of major tech companies face intense scrutiny over the potential harms of their platforms to teens. In a tense Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood to offer a public apology to families affected by the alleged repercussions of social media platforms, acknowledging the pain and suffering they have endured.

Google, Meta begin New Year with a fresh round of layoffs

Information technology giants Google and Meta have started the New Year with a fresh round of layoffs that will impact specific departments in their respective firms.  Meta said it is laying off some technical programme managers (TPMs) at Instagram and reports said that at least 60 such jobs are either being consolidated or eliminated. Google announced it is laying off hundreds of hardware employees, especially in the augmented reality (AR) division while Fitbit co-founders James Park, Eric Friedman and other Fitbit leaders are reportedly leaving the company.

India’s Gen Z to lead key trends on Instagram in 2024: Report

Gen Z in India will lead the key trends on Instagram next year, from prioritising careers to being super on point with meme preferences, and exploring a variety of food flavours, the Meta-owned company said on Monday. In various realms, including food, beauty, and fashion trends, Indian Gen Z have shown a heightened inclination to embrace and explore emerging trends, according to the ‘2024 Instagram Trend Talk’ insights.

After Threads launch, Twitter threatens Meta with lawsuit

In what may be the clearest sign yet that Twitter sees Meta as a competitive threat, the former has threatened the latter with a lawsuit following the successful launch of Meta’s new Twitter rival, Threads. An attorney for Twitter on Wednesday sent a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg accusing Meta of stealing trade secrets by employing former Twitter employees. Semafor was the first to report on the letter. The veracity of the letter was confirmed to CNN by a source with knowledge of the situation.

Wall Street officially in bull market

The S&P 500 rallied to end the day in a bull market, marking a 20 per cent surge since its most recent low, reached on October 12, 2022. That brings to end the bear market that began in January 2022. Buoyed by gains in big technology stocks, the broad-based index closed at 4,293.93 and crossed the threshold that separates a bear market from a bull market — that’s investor-speak for a period of time marked by rising stock prices and optimism on Wall Street, CNN reported.

Out-of-work Indian immigrants face uncertain future, plead for more grace period

In a concerted campaign, Indian origin tech sector employees and their lawyers have been lobbying with the US government to increase the grace period from 60 days to 180. Under current rules, if H-1B or an L1 visa holders find themselves out of a job, they have to find an employer who is willing to sponsor them within 60 days, or they are sent back to their home country within 10 days after the grace period ends.