CAA is just bad for India: Satya Nadella

IANS- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has joined the debate on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), saying whatever is happening in India on this new legislation is just bad. Talking to editors in Manhattan on Monday, Nadella who hails from Hyderabad and became the Microsoft CEO in 2014, said he would like immigrants to come and […]

Microsoft unveils new developments at Build 2019

indica News Bureau-   Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kick-started the company’s annual Build conference in Seattle, Washington, with major product announcements, such as Azure, Cortana, and the revamped Edge browser. Nadella opened with Microsoft’s emphasis on what he called the core areas of trust: privacy, cybersecurity, and responsible AI, pointing to ElectionGuard, the open-source software […]

Deciphering Open Data Initiative

Nidhi Modh   In late September 2018, Microsoft, Adobe and SAP announced a partnership to remove data silos and give a unified customer experience. This alliance, which is a clear attack against Salesforce, aims to create a single data model for consumer data that is then portable between platforms. This Open Data Initiative(ODI) is very […]