Connected Leadership Needs a Robust Framework to Succeed

Digital explosion, market disruptions, eroding trust, an uncertain future, and an accelerating pace of change. These are some of the many complex problems that leaders today must navigate through. Dated, authoritarian leadership styles no longer serve the purpose. Today’s business environment needs a new leadership style that can create collaborative, agile, and resilient organizations. 

Callous or Caring – What Kind of a “Connected Leader” Will You Be in the Face of Layoffs?

Many organizations across industries are looking at restructuring their workforce to prepare for the anticipated post-pandemic recession. It is hard to ignore that the technology sector has gone ahead and executed on deep job cuts, just during the past few weeks, and some are planning more early next year. From Meta, Stripe, Microsoft, Amazon to Salesforce the tech industry has been on a firing spree.

The Art and Science of Building A Coaching Culture

Shalini Ramakrishnan, Director of Product Marketing, Numly, Inc.-   VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity have grasped the world in its claws. As turbulence, high-velocity markets, and hyper-competition – the by-products of VUCA surround us, organizations globally are trying to increase their capacity to manage the challenges and stay on the path to profitability. […]

Numly Future Leader™, 2020 Program – Empowering Young Talents to be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Shalini Ramakrishnan-   The pandemic has forced companies all over the world to embrace Work-From-Home as the new normal. This has resulted in HR departments scrambling frantically to make provisions for accommodating and addressing the hardware and software requirements of their workforce, to ensure continued business growth. But once the dust settles, companies will be […]