Biden calls Xi “dictator”; China hits back at US “political provocation”

Chinese foreign ministry has accused United States President Joe Biden of “political provocation” after he called Xi Jinping a “dictator.” Responding to a question regarding remarks made by Biden recently, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson reiterated her government’s stance that the balloon incident “was entirely an accidental event” that the US had taken out of proportion, The New York Times reported.

Times Square flooded with PM Modi’s welcome displays for historic State visit

New York’s Times Square in Midtown Manhattan is flooded with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures and messages welcoming him to an historic State visit to the US. The US-India Business Council (USIBC) said the displays for historic state visit require a historic welcome. “A historic state visit requires a historic welcome! @USIBC welcomes Shri @narendramodi@PMOIndia to the United States of America with a display of our support for U.S.-India commercial ties and this historic state visit at Times Square, New York. @Nasdaq #ModiInUSA #USIndia,” tweeted USIBC.

Partha Chakraborty: Let Memphis be the change Minneapolis was not

Partha Chakraborty opines, Since the George Floyd murder we have been in a holding pattern as far as real reform goes. Memphis points to a way forward – authorities’ response was quick and decisive, streets are quiet, there is a reckoning that police are here to serve and protect, and a reconfirmation that most blue are truly the finest a community can offer.

As Republicans inch closer to retaking the house, Trump’s ally Rupert Murdoch decides to dump him

Even as the Republicans won 210 seats and appear set to retake the House of Representatives against the Democrats reduced count, Donald Trump’s close ally and right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who controls several media outlets, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is asking the GOP to move on from him following the disappointing performance of the ex-President’s handpicked candidates.