SVB Crisis: A Year Later

It is hard to imagine that it was a year ago that Silicon Valley faced an existential crisis. Its premier financial institution, Silicon Valley Bank, was taken over by the federal regulators. It was one of the most difficult weekends of my working life as it threatened the Silicon Valley way of doing things.

Foundational Risks of OpenAI

Even for a region accustomed to tremors, the news of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, being unceremoniously ousted from the company was like an event off the Richter scale. His exit was announced in a terse press release, along with Greg Brockman’s demotion from the chairman of the board. This sent shockwaves across Silicon Valley and the entire technology ecosystem. The board named CTO Mira Murati as the interim chief executive. 

What Would Steve Jobs Have Thought of Our Industry Now?

Steve Jobs has been gone from this planet for a dozen years. Writing about his passing was one of the hardest tasks of my professional life as a writer — not because I knew him personally, but rather due to the realization that he was so unique and singular. It seemed unlikely that I would ever again experience the emergence and impact of someone like him. This morning, I went back to read what I had written then, and this particular passage stood out.

Om Malik: With X, it is Twitter R.I.P!

Om Malik writes: Twitter, at its very core, is many things to many people: that is its beauty and that is its challenge. Twitter the idea and the product is ever evolving, and so is the company, which was and still is a work in progress. Twitter is unique because it was born in the crucible of failure and grew up in the glare of the spotlight. It took from its community, it learned from its community and sometimes it did shameful things.