Modi’s knowledge of Hinduism

I submit in this article that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no knowledge of Hinduism, which he claims to represent, and neither do his organizations, the BJP or the RSS. They have no idea of the great Hindu intellectualism of the past, the real great achievements of Hindus in the fields of science and mathematics, philosophy, literature, etc, and instead believe in nonsense like ancient India having airplanes, atom bombs and guided missiles, and knowing head transplant surgery ( Ganeshji ), genetic engineering, stem cell therapy ( Gandhari’s 100 sons ) and test tube babies ( Karna’s birth ), etc; which make us a laughing stock before the whole world.

Congress Party rejection of Ram Temple consecration reflects its dilemma over Hindu vote

By Mayank Chhaya The decision of the Congress party, the principal opposition in India to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP, not to have its leaders attend the grand inauguration of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya is a calculated political gamble couched as a stand taken out of ideological convictions. The party’s statement calling the much-heralded […]

Rahul Gandhi in US: ‘India is like an ocean facing a storm, but the storm is going to pass’

At his first public appearance after landing in the United States, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told an invite-only audience at the University of Santa Cruz’s Silicon Valley campus in Santa Clara, California that India is like an ocean facing a storm, and that this too shall pass. He was responding to specific question on what is often viewed as social engineering in the country, led by the governing BJP’s Hindutva principles.