“Annual Thaipoosam Celebration Brings Thousands of Indian-American Together in San Ramon, Calif.”

Ritu Jha- To bring the community together, San Ramon, California based Pathayathirai, a non-profit organization with roots in India, has transformed their religious walk into an inclusive, 21-mile social walkathon with friends and family on the famous Iron Horse Trail. The annual religious walk, the “Thaipoosam” celebration held last month attracts thousands of Indian Americans […]

Indian American running for San Ramon mayor

Ritu Jha- Indian American Aparna Madireddi, who is running for mayor of San Ramon, California, says she started feeling frustrated after noticing that more wasn’t being done to make the city fiscally sustainable, long term, when so many practical options are available. If elected, Madireddi would be the first Indian American to occupy the seat, […]